What is your story?

Whats your storyIt is perhaps a backlash of an ever increasing digital world that is causing many businesses and individuals to insist on dealing with a ‘real person’. I for one detest answer machines and often hang up if I am told to ‘press one to..’ When I have a problem, I am looking for a real person to help me with that problem, oh and this does not include the poor person who has a set number of answers on a screen in front of them – ‘Have you tried turning it off and back on again?’ You want someone with actual knowledge and real empathy and some companies are already offering this; recent commercials for a certain insurance company show a member of staff ‘with’ the client, talking them through the details. Top marks folks!!

One of the tools that can help us with our storytelling is the humble website; before and after pictures for painters and decorators, interior designers or car body repairers. Glowing testimonials from individuals that we have helped and in-depth case studies of problems that we have rectified, can help to paint this picture and let’s not forget the ‘Meet the team’ section where customers can put a face to a name and are already starting that vital connection process. Gone are the days when a website was just a sales tool, these days it is a vital portal to connect with the world around us, locally, nationally and even internationally.

So here’s a challenge. The next time you are chilling over a coffee or on your lunch break, have a look at your company website and see if you can see the elements of your story on there. There are any number of ‘strictly the facts’ websites and let’s be honest, they are often pretty boring unless that is all you are looking to find and of course these sites because they give you all of the answers, don’t really provide you with a reason to pick up the phone do they?

Be honest are you towing the company line or telling your customers and prospective customers a story of how they can do better by choosing to work with you? We write this blog virtually every week, sometimes two or three times a week, it is very seldom about websites and web design, but it is always about helping you to grow further. Sign up today to ensure that you don’t miss the next one and if you have a story to tell and your site isn’t telling it, give us a call and we’ll have a chat over coffee to see how we can help you – YES with a real person! Peter from Debayne Web Design where we are always Weaving the Web your Way.