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Getting away from it all

Getting away from it all

At the end of last season we bought a caravan second hand from a nice couple who seemed to know their stuff and appeared genuine, we chatted about getting away, what we needed and our love of this pastime before parting with our meager savings and towing it away. Since buying the van we have learned that it is rotten, terminally so – to the point of not even bothering to get a quote to repair the bad bits as there are few good ones. On top of this upon trying to light the gas on the fridge we were greeted with a fireball and we have now discovered that the pipe for the gas was the wrong size so at some point it was soldered onto a smaller one. If we had been trying the exercise with a full gas bottle, you may not be reading this post! Suffice it to say we decided that this would be a good lesson.

There are many folk who can build a website given a little training and direction, now there is a strange thing for a web design company to say huh?  When we are just starting out or running a small business there is a temptation to go for that cheap option like the caravan example above, we want to spread our wings but have little savings so we may go with ‘a mate who does a bit of web design and can do it cheap’ or one of the free* web design businesses out there and try and do it ourselves. Either way we eventually end up with a site that may look quite good on the surface and for a while we may even pat ourselves on the back thinking we dodged all of that extra expense, then comes the day you want to change something. Suddenly that mate or free* company are not so forthcoming or start talking about hefty charges to make one small change. You may find that the site is not view-able on mobile devices or completely invisible as it was written in the wrong code. You may try and do the changes yourself only to find that you are locked out or the code is literally another language! Finally your site may have vulnerabilities that leave it open to attacks and one day you log on to find it gone completely.

So what are the lessons here?

  • It was cheap/free for a reason!
  • Often those who ‘do a bit of designing’ do not know enough to produce sites that can be adapted as your business grows and secured from hackers.
  • Without regular maintenance just like the van above, rot can set in and before you know it you have a site that is missing, unmanageable or damaged beyond repair.
  • Finally as we have noted before in other posts, if you built the site yourself was all of that time you spent doing so really free?

Debayne Web Design build sites for small businesses, startups and charities that are secure, can be seen on all devices and can be updated by you whenever you want to – or alternatively managed for you – your choice. We do not charge the earth and will even break down payments if this is a sticking point. We have been in business for many years and plan to be around for many more, but will also give you peace of mind by providing you with all of the tools run your site from the moment it goes live. So there you have it you can take a chance on what might seem a great idea to save money, or you can read our feedback both here and on Which Web Design Company and make an informed choice over the future of your business online. We look forward to hearing from you when you have done that! Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web Your Way.

Open Door Multimedia – Guest Blog

When I launched Open Door Multimedia five years ago I believed that the way to develop the business would be to build relationships with web designers who would introduce me to their own clients who wanted promotional video on their web sites. I was wrong or at least I was “a bit previous” in my thinking. Things had not got to that point and in those days web designers told me that though they themselves did see the value of video on websites, their customers were not asking for it. Since then I have developed some really productive relationships with PR/ Marketing/ Web design companies but it took a very long time and the delay was difficult to understand. Puzzled? Me too!

So what was going on? And what is still going on to perhaps a slightly lesser extent?

Well lets take a look at the benefits of using video on your website. If you want a detailed picture you just need to Google the phrase “Facts about video on your website” and you will find lots of information and some very impressive statistics. For starters check out an article from Video Brewery via . It’s all in there. But forecasting the cash value of a video is much more difficult to do because the variables are so complex. So lets take a look in a little more depth.

How much income will a video on a website generate? I have no idea.

Pound for pound will video on a website be more productive than other forms of marketing? I have no idea.

And the reality is that we probably never will have because it depends on many things. How good is the film? What are its messages? How receptive are the audiences? What will a company do with the video? How many times will it be watched? What is the conversion rate? And in a way I think those questions might be the wrong ones to ask.

Perhaps a better question is how much new business/ how many new sales will this video have to generate before it pays for itself? Another good question is how much new business would this video need to generate to beat all the other ways to spend my marketing budget? – the opportunity cost question.

A couple of years ago I made a film about Salmon fishing on a private beat of the River Tay. It is a really nice watch and I have had some great feedback about it. I made it for myself so there was no fee involved but if it had been commissioned the price would have been in the £800 to £1,000 region. So lets take a look at that.

The average price of a day’s fishing is around £80 so to break even that video would need to generate just 12.5 bookings in total. The film is pretty timeless so let’s say it will be valid for at least three years and that means that the break-even impact has to be approx. 4 bookings per year – four days that would otherwise not sold. The reality of decent Salmon fishing is that it is in short supply and good, descriptive, honest information is hard to come by. Traveling distances to Tayside from Manchester, Liverpool and London are 250 to 450 miles. Fishermen don’t travel that far for one day, so 4 bookings in a year could be a single person or two pals fishing together for 2 days each year. On top of that repeat bookings are common – you go once, like it and book for the following year. So converting a couple of fishermen could be all that is needed to get to break-even with that film. So now lets take a look at the percentages.

This film has been viewed 14,994 times in the three years since it was uploaded to You Tube on 30th May, 2013. The viewing audience will be exclusively people who are interested in Salmon fishing – most but not all will be resident in the UK, mainly but not exclusively men, a lot of them will be silver haired with a reasonable amount of disposable income and plenty of spare time – there is a big correlation between retirement and Salmon fishing. In terms of conversion rates what percentage of those viewers would need to book a day’s fishing each year for the film to break even?

14,994 views – lets say some viewers watched more than once and assume 10,000 individual viewers are involved.

We need 12.5 bookings over three years to break even – with a very conservative average 2 bookings per person so we are really talking about 6 people,

6 people from 10,000 viewers requires a conversion rate of 6/10,000 which equals 0.06%.

I would say that makes it pretty much a no brainer and interestingly availability on that piece of river is practically nil from now till the end of the summer. That runs in the face of a comment made by the Gillie (fishing guide) at the time the film was made. He said that there is always fishing available. Well there ain’t now! The fishing has been there for decades – the film has been there for three years – draw your own conclusions.

Of course this is just one example but the approach is relevant to other sectors. So how much business would your company need to do to break-even on the price of a promotional video for your website? How many items would you need to sell, how many hours of service would you need to deliver before it paid for itself? Oh and the other thing to remember is that films about Salmon fishing take longer and are more expensive to make than most promotional films. Salmon are a lot less co-operative and predictable!

Howard Jackson

Excuse me? Do I work for you??


excuse meMaybe it is our growing obsession with everything American, or perhaps the growing stress of running a business in these turbulent times, or maybe it just has not crossed our minds. What am I talking about? The way that we deal with those who we are obtaining a service from of course!

I am becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of businesses who approach you to help them make their business better, then all of a sudden decide that you are now a lowly staff member and can be communicated with in a manner that is neither polite, nor professional.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when working with another business:

  • They are not working FOR you, they are working WITH you. Do not be surprised that your curt email or sharp text message elicits a poor response if any at all. Disrespecting a partner is never good practice, ask any divorce lawyer!
  • No matter how important you think you are or how much you think you are doing for that business by working with them, you are often only ONE of their clients. Expecting something to be done immediately after your communication 5 minutes ago is both unrealistic and arrogant!
  • The other business may be working with partners (or in our case) plugins made by third parties. If that other party is slow to respond or cannot be reached, no amount of badgering will change this fact.
  • What do you think that acting in this manner is doing for your reputation? If you treat a business you are supposed to be working with with disrespect, will you be cultivating great PR? Will they be recommending you to those who could take your business to the next level?
  • Think carefully, is this the way that you talk to your spouse, your parents or your employees? If the answer is no than you could be failing your business and earning yourself a bad reputation.

So what can we take away from this? The one rule that you must ALWAYS be aware of, every hour of every day as a business owner, is that YOU are the ambassador of your business. It does not matter if you are a cleaner, mechanic, flower arranger or financial advisor, the fact that you are part of this business immediately makes you the standard by which that business will be judged for better or worse. You may be the lowliest employee or the company director, to the customer or partner business this does not matter. If you treat them with discourtesy, YOU are damaging the image of your business and it is worth remembering that bad news often sticks around a lot longer than good – just look at the papers!

Today decide to be the person/business that you originally set out to be, be the solution that the business you left in order to start yours was not. Be polite, be patient and be courteous and remember that a good testimonial is worth its weight in gold, whilst bad service will see you back at that old company in no time..

The key to great sales

Mereceds 11-11-13I was on a sales board on Facebook earlier today and read a question from a seller asking if people even read the description of for sale posts or just look at the pictures. As I have spent quite a few years in sales the answer to this was obvious to me, however it occurred to me that to many folk (especially those running smaller businesses) this might not be immediately apparent. so here goes..

No matter what you are trying to sell and regardless of whom you are trying to sell it too (obviously apart from in part those with impaired vision) the image is 90% of the sale. Whether this is a showroom, glossy catalogue or an online shop, a single advertisement or a multinational business, no matter what you are selling – the image is what will get you 90% of that sale.

You have only to look at social media sharing everything from pets to holidays, from nights out to lost dogs, it is all about the image. Or what about the sales websites or auction sites? Be honest those of you who use them, how many people will look at an advertisement for a new or secondhand item that has no pictures of the product? But this does not stop at products; whether you are providing holiday homes or animal grooming, luxury cars or one bedroom flats – people want no NEED to see what they are getting as this is what will begin their thought process. They will ‘see’ themselves owning that car, living in that house, lying on that beach. ONLY when they have that picture in their mind will they begin to read off the tick list of features or approach the salesperson.

Now let’s be clear here I did point out that this is 90% of the sale, so what is the other 10%? Well 5% of that is the description. Here’s an example; you see a stunning new car in the colour you are looking for, check out those glossy pictures! Quick glance at the price, yes that works – ‘click’. The advertisement reads – “For sale, red car, runs well, two new tyres. Call me for more on…” How many of you will actually make that call? I won’t! My immediate thought is ‘well if you can’t make the effort why should I?’ What the seller should have done is list all of the cars features and add a few memory hooks like ‘drives like a new car’, ‘always gets looks’, ‘sad to part with her’ etc. Those first two especially will strengthen that image in the potential buyers mind into ‘oh that could be me driving that car..’

The remaining 5% is how you deal with the customer; too aggressive and they will walk away, too passive they will walk away, it’s a fine balance but it is worth learning. Part of this is your image, have you noticed how delivery vans are often lovely and clean? The drivers are wearing a smart uniform and are ‘so polite’? Yes this is also very important!

Final thought. I will never forget the early days of building websites with my partner, I was sat behind a car valeting van in traffic that was so filthy you could not read the phone you think I ever called them to valet our vehicle? Now go get your camera clicking and sell it… And no this isn’t my car..yet!

PS. Don’t worry if you have no great pictures for your website yet, we know lots of great photographers who can help you with that – Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way

Attracting the wrong customers?

wrong customersAre you attracting the wrong kind of customers? The ones who mess you around or disappear when the bill arrives, or perhaps those who think that they are your only customer and use bully tactics? Let’s see what we can do about that.

This morning I walked our Saluki through the estate and had a van pull up in front of me. They wanted to know if we went coursing with him and were asking all sorts of questions on his lineage etc. What could have been a pleasant walk was in essence ruined by these two characters as I spent the rest of the walk looking over my shoulder for that van and wondering if they may come back and try to take him. In retrospect I could have handled it better, but when you are in a strange situation you seldom think logically – thankfully my dog took a dislike to them (ears back, normally wagging tail stopped) and they seemed to take the hint.

So thinking about that now I am reminded of some of the less than savoury ‘customers’ we have had and thought that it was worth sharing a few tips.

  • Have a set of questions that you will ask a prospective customer and use it to decide whether you actually want to take this any further before striking a deal.
  • Before agreeing to work with anyone, be it friend, family member or complete stranger, ensure that they get a copy of your terms and conditions, where you will have outlined what is and is not acceptable behaviour.
  • Have a contract, yes it is great to just work on a handshake but if all goes sideways, you will be happy to have something on paper, documenting what is expected of them as a customer and what you will provide (and perhaps more importantly what you will NOT be providing).
  • Don’t pick up your phone on the first ring unless it is absolutely vital to do so. Sounds dumb right, especially as the caller id is saying who is calling. Picking up on the first ring is not only perhaps making you look a little desperate but also making it seem to the customer that you will drop everything to take their call – thus putting them in a completely different frame of mind over your relationship!
  • Similarly don’t hit return the moment that you see that email/text. Oh I know that many efficiency ‘experts’ will tell you to deal with everything as soon as it arrives, but you have to think what message this is sending. It will also like the phone above give the impression that you are ‘on call’ 24/7 for that business – do you REALLY want to be that person/business?
  • Hardest one so far, don’t be afraid to draw the line and say no. We are all looking for more business, so much so that sometimes we can be blind to what possibly lies ahead – have a system and stick to it, it will pay off in the long run. Sometimes a deal just ‘smells wrong’, as your business progresses you will gain this valuable instinct, but the  short answer is if it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

There are some things in life that cannot be bought at any price; confidence, self esteem, morals etc. Yet these are the most important things that we should be looking for in ourselves and in those we do business with. Remember it is your business, the way that you run it will tell other businesses what is expected of them to deal with you – if they don’t like this, trust me you are better off letting them get back in that truck and drive away..

At Debayne we let you know what you can expect from us and and what we expect of you. We will go through a questionnaire with you and are always open to answer your questions. No hidden agendas, no hidden prices and a reliable service. Sound good? Give us a call today.

Routes To Success

routes to successFollowing on from last weeks blog – Road To Nowhere, lets talk this week about Route Planning. Anyone who has to travel  simply from A to B or to multiple points has at some time engaged in Route Planning. Whether you pull out the digital helper ‘satnav’ or still prefer the old map book (yes there are still some who do!) One thing becomes blatantly clear very early on. No amount of planning is enough preparation for the road ahead and any amount of hurdles lie before you:

  • Poor weather conditions as seen recently with high winds and rain or even snow.
  • Poor roads – some routes are marked as national speed limits but end up being little more than single track roads with blind corners and potholes that could swallow a mini!
  • Poor driving – no matter how up to the task we may feel, stress and time restrictions can cause us to make poor choices and opt for the ‘fastest route’ when this may take us on some of the roads mentioned above.
  • Bad direction – this can happen when someone else is planning the route for us and has little idea of our specific area.
  • Finally unknown factors – you get to the end of a road and find a locked gate or it just disappears into a dirt track or farmyard – and let us not forget the random roadworks that will close off whole areas!

In life as in business we need to think of all of these factors before we even think of the journey ahead.

  • Will your business weather the storms ahead? The droughts that leave you nearly penniless, the times of plenty when you don’t have enough hours in the day and the sudden setbacks that can come out of the blue.
  • Is your route clearly marked out and have you tested it beforehand? Throwing all of your resources into one course of action is dangerous unless you are ready for a ‘worse case’ scenario.
  • Do you have the backing and aptitude to weather what lies ahead? Many small businesses fail in the first year simply because they cannot cope with the steep learning curve that is needed to survive.
  • Are you following someone elses directions? No matter how popular and well known that book is – it will not replace the hard earned experience of those who have actually been there and worn the T-shirt. Be careful how much you trust in direction from outside sources, they are not you and have no idea of how you will react to what lies ahead. Take some advice from networking meetings – get out there and meet the folks already doing it!
  • Do you have a plan B? If everything suddenly comes to an abrupt halt or the lead suddenly evaporates, you have to be ready for that eventuality and build it into your business plan.

Debayne Web Design has been supporting businesses of all sizes for many years now and we would love to help you with yours. The information superhighway is waiting for you to join the traffic, will you be stuck in a side-road or reaching your goal in style? It all begins online.. Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.

Road to nowhere

Road to nowhereMy new role in life involves a great deal of driving, in fact it is not unusual for me to drive a couple of hundred miles a day. As mentioned before this involves a lot of time left to ponder on the state of things and perhaps come up with a few suggestions on how they could be improved. I apologise for the length of this post but there are lessons to be learned here..

This week I want to talk about getting from A – B. So what are the problems on our roads?

  • Increasing traffic leading to increased traffic jams on many major routes.
  • Some people being unprepared for the road that they are travelling – I was stuck behind a car doing 45 mph on a motorway recently. One has to wonder why they use the motorway when they are obviously not comfortable there?
  • Lane hogs who sit in a motorway lane at a slower speed clogging it for everyone – I have noted a lot of HGV drivers doing this. Or speed freaks who just HAVE to be in front of everyone.
  • The increasing amount of roadworks – especially leading to the end of the financial year and often without any clear idea of the impact they will have on the surrounding area. It took me over an hour to get to one location as three of the four roads leading there were closed or restricted due to roadwork.
  • Finally an embarrassingly bad public transport system, that is both overpriced and unreliable.


  • My wife and I have long held the belief that EVERYONE passing a driving test should have to do at the very least an hours training on the motorway as it is a different way of driving that takes some getting used to. This would alleviate some of the problems above and make for more competent motorway use. This in my opinion should include extra lessons for those driving vehicles that could cause a bigger hazard and for those coming from abroad who sometimes seem to have no concept of what to do on our roads.
  • The roadworks issue has long been a bugbear of mine. Why instead of starting six different projects in an area do they not concentrate their efforts on the most urgent and get it done faster? It has long been believed by many that councils not wanting to lose funding launch road maintenance programs as the financial year end approaches – great for them, lousy for the poor drivers! Let us not forget the bigger picture as well, if you close one slip-road onto a major route it’s annoying, if three or four are closed it is downright irresponsible.
  • Then we come to the transport network. Instead of deciding on new high speed trains we should be concentrating on making things easier for those simply wanting to get to and from work everyday, they may be then less likely to opt to use their car and add to the congestion. We are heading into countrywide gridlock and none of the current ‘solutions’ put forward appear to be working – time for a rethink yes?

So how can we equate the state of our transport system to a business?

  • The increase of ‘traffic’ online should have us all concerned whether what we are doing there is enough to get us where we want to be. No matter how unique our business, there is a very good chance that there are many more out there doing the exact same thing as you.
  • Would you ride a moped on a 200 mile journey or even build your own car? Perhaps it is time to stop angling for the cheapest route and thinking of the bigger picture? Many are unprepared for their online journey and try to make their trip in a vehicle (site) that just isn’t up to the task.
  • A long held frustration of mine is those who say ‘Well it’s worked for us before..’ They sit in that middle lane of the business highway, surviving but not prospering – little knowing that a few small changes could have them flying down the outside lane to where they want to be.
  • Many people have a scattergun approach to business maintenance. They either do just enough to keep the ‘roads’ open – or close down for refurbishment and lose all of their regular traffic. Then there is the same year end scrabble to justify their earnings to the tax man.. This is not the way to run a road system or a business! If like the example above we concentrate on each aspect in turn, we will have a more rounded business where traffic flow will be maintained.
  • Finally the ‘public transport’ of our piece here is the self builder. We all believe when we start out in business that we have all of the tools needed and no one else will understand our business as well as we do – so how do we expect to sell anything? You can self build and there are examples of great men and women who have built themselves very profitable businesses – there are also examples of thousands of businesses that close in their first year.. Do not try and do everything yourself, not only will you be spreading yourself too thin, you will be increasing your chances of failure.

We at Debayne Web Design love to help those starting out on their journey, looking for a new road or just simply renewing an old one – we can help you to get where you want to be and with our trusted partners can provide you with help and advice for any aspect of your business. Time to ask yourself, do you want to be sat in that same jam tomorrow? Give us a call and find out how to get on the right road for your business.


The other big ‘C’

CommunicationThe last few months have taught me a great deal about the drivers around my local area and the general lack of understanding of often simple rules and guidelines exhibited by many both on and off the road. The reason for this is one word, Communication.

There are for example instances on the road when the satellite navigation tells you to take one action and the signage on the road tells you take another, which does one believe? Some would dismiss this as ‘common sense’ yet if it an area that is not known to you, then the sense implied is not really ‘common’ at all is it?

Next we have off the road procedures, a set of guidelines for the role that is given to everyone yet not followed by many – I grow slightly frustrated at the customer telling me “Oh I did not know you did that..” when in fact they should know if they are a regular customer.

The more I think about this subject (and trust me I get a lot of time to think!) the more I come to believe that the root of many problems, delays and accidents can be attributed to that single word, Communication.

So how does one begin to conquer this mountain?

In as far as the satellite navigation is concerned, great leaps are being made in technology where alternative and quicker routes are flagged with the option to take them. So keeping oneself as up to date as possible is perhaps key here, roads change, exits and entrances to major roadways disappear or are closed and it is only when we have the latest up to date information that this can be communicated to those needing it. If one has to travel to a new area in business or on the road, is it not best to have the latest up to date information to do so?

When we come to procedures it is perhaps a good idea to provide a constant reminder of what is expected of all of the members of your team. We are not talking here of repeating it all parrot fashion, but communicating the importance that all members of your team a) Know what their individual and collective role is and b) Follow this as a habit rather than out of some ‘need’ to desperately hold onto their job – again Communication.

Finally the way in which we communicate with staff and customers alike must be uniform. There is no point telling one group of staff or customers one thing and then telling others another, this will lead to conflict and confusion demoralising both staff and customers – the upshot being high staff turnover and customers not returning.

So our message this week is Communicate with your staff and your customers, ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and understands the lyrics! If you are having a problem communicating with your customers, give us a call Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.


Business lessons from the road

business lessons from the road

My new role has taught me yet more about business and though it is worlds away from what I have done before, I thought it was worth sharing some of these insights – forgive the slightly longer post.

  • I currently drive a brightly coloured Mercedes van, it is 6 meters long, 3 metres high, 2 metres wide and weighs in at 2.5 Tonnes – so pretty easy to spot yes? Alas no, there are still some who completely ignore my vehicle thus proving (without too much of a stretch) that no matter what the advertising, some will blatantly ignore it as they are rigidly set upon their own road and will not be diverted from it.
  • As my vehicle is restricted, I am also entertained by those who just ‘have to’ get in front whether at the lights on an A road or down a country lane. These folk will leave it to the last minute to tear past you and drop into that nice space that you have left between you and the vehicle that you are following – almost inevitably they will then slow down.. This to me speaks of the arrogant and pushy sales person, they may be offering no more than you – they are going the same direction after all, but despite the risks to their business and wellbeing they have to push you aside to make themselves look or feel important.
  • At the other end of the scale we have the ‘weavers’. Recent severe conditions have exacerbated the fact that some folk, despite having a licence, simply cannot drive in adverse conditions. We have all come across them; it’s a national speed limit area and they are pootling along at 34 mph, they fly out from a side road without pausing then wander across the lanes making it impossible to overtake with any confidence, or see a little snow and immediately cut their speed to second gear – despite the road being clear and relatively safe. The weavers are the most dangerous people out there, they appear to not know where they are going and seldom give an indication. In business these are the folk without a clear message or one that changes from week to week, just like the ones on the road they may appear with a new idea only to crumble when asked to ‘drive’ their deal home, or may appear at the next meeting with an equally shambling new idea. Clarity is of vital importance in business and on the road – do you know where you are going and are you equipped to do so?
  • Next we have the ‘enlightened’ or perhaps not so. Again despite recent road and weather conditions, there are those who will travel along unlighted roads on side lights or have none on at all in lit up areas. You may be the best ‘driver’ in your field, but if folk cannot see you then you will be overlooked and may even fall victim to a serious ‘accident’ as you are sidestepped when the promotions and bonuses come around.
  • Finally we have the ‘lets hope’ crowd. In my case it is the folk to whom I deliver; I weave carefully down their street between parked cars and often in the dark at this time of year, searching for their house number – in vain. Hey they know where they live so for them it is obvious that I will, it is often the case that their house number is missing or obscured. For me these customers represent those who will set up a business with the expectation that this is all they have to do, they will build a website then complain a month later that no-one has called them. If we do not signpost ourselves in our personal and business life we may be missed – sometimes folk require a clear indication of what is there; an illuminated house number or a social media presence (if you are a business) is vital. Otherwise yours is just another dark house on the street..

So which one are you? We all have room to do more, do better, if you are not happy with the direction that you are travelling perhaps we can help with your website and our great colleagues in the Social Media and SEO fields can shed some light on your marketing. Give us a call today and get back on that road to success – Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.

Fast Cars and SEO

fast cars and seoThere are many things that people collect; art, horses, precious metals or rare clothing. If money were no object, I would personally probably collect cars. I love driving and am a sucker for an open road, so these vehicles would not be just bought to be closeted away in dusty halls for folk to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over, no they would be road ready and used regularly. I would want to drive my car and ideally would love it to be ready for that road whenever I was.

So there I am with my garage full of expensive and rare machinery, one morning I am about to hit the road and I notice that my latest acquisition has a flat. So what does one do? The car just cost me close to £30m and the idea of hooking up with the local car shed or scrap yard, does not somehow seem appropriate. A quick glance online takes me to a specialist tyre centre that will supply the correct tyres not only for my current problem, but for all of the other vehicles in my collection. There is obviously an increased cost, but it is a good idea to get the right fit first time isn’t it? After all it will be me who is flying through those corners in the dales and for peace of mind..

So what on earth is this all to do with SEO?  The answer is quite simple really; there are a great many web designers who also ‘do SEO’. This is great if you just want to get from A to B. Like the car supermarkets that also ‘do tyres’, they may be able to help to a greater or lesser degree in getting you where you want to be. However if you want to be flying as soon as possible, going back to the folk who designed your website is perhaps not the greatest idea as they are busy designing sites, looking after all of their other customers new and old and monitoring all of the background details of your site such as updates etc. They can in many cases help you to design an optimised site, but keeping it optimised (i.e. stopping those tyres from going bald) is possibly left to a more dedicated team of professionals.

Sticking with our car analogy, think of having a dedicated SEO team working on keeping your website running at it’s absolute best for attracting new customers, to having a dedicated service team who will ensure that your ‘car’ is always ready to hit that open road – every hour of every day. Every page of your website, every blog, every article can receive dedicated treatment in order to reach out to more new customers, new enquiries and new connections, leaving you to run your business. Yes there will be an additional expense, but many of us do not buy a car just because we want to stand and look at it once a day.

So you have built your website and it is all you dreamed about. It has everything that you wanted plus more flourishes that the designer added to make it look the absolute bomb. When you hit that launch button, you will be competing with over a billion other sites – some of whom will be offering exactly the same as you. You want to stand out from the crowd – you need a dedicated mechanic working with/for you. Debayne is proud and pleased to be working alongside Wildshark SEO, contact us today to see how they can help you with your vehicle, we will have you flying along in no time! Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.