If it’s not broken

if it is not brokenWe pick up a lot of experiences during our lives; some of them are guidelines that we can carry for ever, others evolve over time or are lost as newer and better ones come in to replace them. It is important to once in a while stop and reassess the rules that we live by and ensure that they are still relevant to the modern day. A favourite of my personal rules for many years was one passed to me by my grandfather “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This rule can still be applied to some situations and I have not completely forsaken it, I mean do you really need another pair of shoes if you have 10 pairs already? Do you really need to redecorate the house every six months or renew the TV every year?

However one area where this simple statement no longer holds any water is the area of technology, or more specifically software. The software that now runs many areas of our lives has a definite ‘shelf life’. Computer games come and go so rapidly that it can make ones head spin and even the humble word processor on our home computer has to be updated regularly as new options become available or quicker ways of doing things are implemented. Every week we are bombarded by new ‘Apps’ for our mobile devices and reminders to keep our anti-virus up to date.

One area that is sadly neglected is the company website. This is an area that many still see as ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’ and this can cause a huge problem. You have no doubt heard me say often ‘If I can’t Google you, you don’t exist’, well imagine if I Google you today and your site is missing. Do you think I will return or just click on the next link down the search engine page? What would you do?

Your business website, your shopfront to the world is a program and like all programs it needs to be kept regularly updated and backed up. Failure to do this will eventually lead to the site being hacked, it is simply just a matter of time. Then instead of paying out for a low monthly backup service, you will be trying to find a few thousand in some cases for a new site, honestly which do you prefer? Our backup and update service starts at £11.99 per month, less than the price of a meal out for two or a round of drinks for the family at the local. Not much to pay for piece of mind eh? Or you could wait until the site does get hacked, then I will be asking at least a few hundred. It might not be broken, but it does need regular maintenance! Call us today to discuss how you can protect your shopfront to the world – Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.