91 Billion Reasons To Be Online

91 billion reasonsWith the Christmas rush just around the corner and the fact that we in Britain are the most prolific online shoppers in the developed world (sales of over £91 Billion online last year alone**) what is your reason for putting up with little or poor online service? Let’s dispel a few myths shall we – call it an early present from Debayne Web design:

  • I can’t afford it – our sites start from £199
  • Free sites are just as good – Erm no. Read this.
  • My site does not make me anything – how much have you put into your site this week/month/year? Just like any other area of your business, it needs work to generate work.
  • My old site is fine –
    • Does it adjust to fit on a mobile phone/tablet/laptop? No? I bet your front page has lots of hits, but nothing more right? In a time when people order their groceries using an app on their phone, do you really think they will try and navigate a site that doesn’t adjust itself for phone users?
    • If a site hasn’t changed for a while, potential customer will stop visiting it; they may think you have closed down or abandoned the site etc.
    • Does it reflect every area of your business fully or just skim the outline? Do people actually know all that you can offer them?
  • Your site is probably insecure if it has not been updated in a while and may have even been hacked, when did you last look at it? I would go and look now!
  • Our business is all face to face – so how do people find you, with a boring standard listing in a directory that says nothing about your business? Are you assuming that they know the area well enough to find you without the map on your missing contact page?
  • We do lots of networking – and when they have met you at that networking meeting many will go home and check your details online, if all they can find is your personal Facebook account and a Twitter feed that has not seen any life in 6 months, do you think that they will contact you again?
  • It’s too complicated – We use a system that is very like a word processor, can you write a letter? Then you can update your website. Failing that we have a choice of various maintenance packages to look after the site for you, starting at £11.99/month.

Whatever reason/excuse you have been giving yourself for not being found online, the cold hard fact is that the rest of the world now does business there. You can either embrace this or eventually like the many businesses of all sizes who disappeared during the latest recession, you will be lost forever in the flow of technology.

Whether it is a simple few pages or a full blown shop, simple weekly updates or a full maintenance package, Debayne Web Design have been doing this for all of our happy clients and would love to help you. Give us a call today to establish or update your place on the web earning your slice of the projected £104 Billion to be spent this year! Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.